Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whale Sharks

First of all I wanted to give a big shout out to my sister Becca who just had a birthday on the 5th! I love you so much and really look up to you! As I am riding my bike around Okinawa I sometimes think of fun times we have had together like screaming like even stevens on space mountain or convincing Kaitlyn that we wrote the song By By Miss American Pie. That was HILARious!! I love you so much! Cant wait to hug you again!!!

On August 3 I hit my 4 month mark! Its crazy how time flies! DADDY THANKS FOR YOU PACKAGE!!!! IT CAME AT THE PERFECT TIME!! The Lord loves us and knows us personally. The timing of the package delivery was a sweet tender mercy of the Lord. I challenge everyone to look for and recognize the tender mercies in your own life.

So Dad, you were asking how a Trio works. Its just the same as any other companionship just with an extra person. Street contacting can be a little strange when three random people with helmets on start talking to you about God, but its AWESOME to have another witness! Another person testifying of what we are teaching. We all get along really well. Kuroki Shimai has wonderful English but we do try to speak Japanese as much as we can.

I wanted to talk a little about our Eikaiwa class! Every Wednesday we teach English! There are 7 missionaries who teach and 5 of them are Americans! We have around 20 people come each week. We teach from an English manual which can sometimes get boring. So being the character I am, I like to act out what I am saying in English and like practically put on a show! It makes Eikaiwa so much more fun if you get into it! If we are excited about what we are teaching the students will get excited too! When we street contact and the person isnt interested in the gospel we give the a Eikaiwa chidashi (English Conversation flyer). I always look forward to Wednesdays because I love EIKAIWA!

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