Monday, August 19, 2013

August in Okinawa

Konnichiwa Kazoku!!!

We started of the week with a little trip to sacred buddhist place, called Sefa Utaki, with our ward mission leader. It was beautiful right near the ocean. Rocks are placed in crazy ways and monks used to pray all day in that place. It is really fun to be so close to other missionaries that we can do fun things together! 

Last week and the beginning of this week we were COMPLETELY out of Book of Mormons. That can make dendouing difficult to say the least! We had one left to give out in case we ran into a golden person. 

Monday evening we taught the Miura family I mentioned last week. We found them housing and she speaks English. The WHOLE family came into the room to listen. THE MOM, THE DAD, TWO SONS AND A DAUGHTER!! I felt like I was on the district! The boys are 13 and 9 and the girl is 15. They had so many questions about God and Jesus Christ. The mother is also so open and was taking everything in. As we taught, she would simplfy and re-word what we were saying for her 9 year old. I sure that really helped HER understand. We went along with the pamphlet and she showed the pictures to her children. I love this family so much!! We prayed together with their entire family. The mother said that she loved the feeling she had while they prayed. I know Heavenly Father loves this family and is watching over them. We gave her an English Book of Mormon last time and she kept her commitment and read the introduction. We promised to get her a Japanese one as soon as we could. We couldn’t schedule another appointment because they are going to be busy with a buddhist holiday called Obon. But we stop occasionally and teach quick lessons. She gave us a referral too! Her mother! So we are going to teach her too! Since Miura san taught school in Canada her English is wonderful. She gave us big hugs at the end of the lesson and I felt at home! I LOVE THIS FAMILY. Later in the week we helped her translate some English mail for her friend and at that time we gave her our very last Japanese Book of Mormon. She was so grateful! 

Random: As we were riding our bikes like we always do we stopped at a red light and there is a radio playing. I listened in and guess who is was! RUSH LIMBAUGH!! Why they were playing a American, conservative, ENGLISH speaking, political analyst on the radio in Okinawa Japan I have no idea. Haha It made me think you mom! I miss you! Thanks for the talk you sent me a few weeks ago! I read it and loved it. 

This week we visited this old man in our ward that I love. His name is Brother Yoza and he was born in 1929! When he was just 16 he fought in World War 2 in the battles of Okinawa. He said 60 of his classmates died and he wasnt sure why he got to live. He later went to America for college and learned English. When he was 47 he was baptized. I told him that he survived so he could be baptized! I love learning from our elders! I learned to listen to their stories from your example Mom!!

This week we tried morning dendou! So instead of studying until lunch then going to dendou, get ready for the day then go out and contact! Then we come back and finish study and then go back out for the rest of the day. It was nice because it was cool weather. We were sure where we wanted to go but Black Shimai and I both felt very prompted to go to a very specific street. We went to that street and stopped a young high school aged girl. We talked to here about the church and she had some interest. We testified to her and gave her a Book of Mormon. She said she is too busy to meet with us again but I have a special feeling about her. I think someday she will find her way into the church.

Miracle of the week: On Tuesday it was a very raining day so I decided to put a rain jacket it my basket in case it started to pour. As I thought about that for some reason the thought came to put a Korean Book of Mormon in my bag. I have carried around different languages before but never have I given out a Korean one. I listened to that still, small voice, put it in my bag and quickly forgot about it and went out to dendo. At that time we still didnt have any Japanese Book of Mormons. As we were street contacting we meet a nice girl who was very interested. First she seemed like she was just interested in English Class but as we started talking she seemed interested in the church. She wanted to know more and said she had time that coming Friday. We quickly set up the appointment and got her information. She told us her name, Poku san. Thats not Japanese so we asked her about it. She is half Korean and speaks both Japanese and Korean fluently. I quickly new why the Lord guided me to put that Korean Book of Mormon in my bag just a few hours before. I grabbed it and started testifying of the Book of Mormon. (You should have seen my companions face! She was so shocked I had a Korean one!) I gave it to her and asked her to begin reading. She said she would. The Lord will use us as instruments in His hands if we pray for experiences and act on the promptings on the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday we had Stake Conference. Okinawa is divided into two different stakes so half of all the members in Okinawa came to our church building! The missionaries in our zone were given the opportunity to sing! We sang the primary hymn, "We'll Bring the World His Truth". As I walked up to the front and looked out on the worthy, righteous members of Okinawa my heart was filled with love for them. The spirit bore witness of the words we sang. I love these people and the Lord loves these people. 

I am grateful to be a missionary in these the latter days! "We are as the Army of Helaman, we have been taught in our youth. And we are NOW the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth."

This is His work. I testify that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. Through Christ, we can find happiness and peace in this life and eternal salvation in the world to come.

I love you all! Thanks for you support!

Capener Shimai

P.S. Dendou:missionary work

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