Monday, June 17, 2013

Kazoku Konnichiwa!

First of all I want to say Happy Fathers Day to my incredible father! I love you so much Daddy! You are a great example to me! I am so happy to be walking in your footsteps serving as a young missionary in Japan. Even though we are so far apart, I feel closer to you than probably even before. I feel the stares at my blonde hair, heartbreak of rejection, and the unconditional love for the Japanese people. Thank you for your support. I read Moroni 8:3 and thought of you. It is Mormon talking to his son Moroni "I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of His Holy Child, Jesus, that he through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end." I feel of your prayers, dad. Thank you with all my heart for raising me and holding me for countless of hours. How great shall be your joy in the kingdom of heaven for bringing up the children of God in love and kindness!! I love you Daddy!

The weeks seem to go by faster here in the field than they did in the MTC! I cant believe its P-day again. This week started of with a boom..literally! I experienced my very FIRST earthquake on the mission!! It was around 10:20 at night so I was laying on the futon writing in my journal when the floor started shaking! I thought someone was like banging on the floor or something but NO!! The furniture and every was shaking! It was so cool! After it was over I said, "Again! Again!" haha

Here in Naha we do a lot of street contacting. So while we are riding our bikes we stop by people walking and start talking to them. We first tell them we are missionaries and try to see if they have interest in learning more about God and Jesus Christ. If they have no interest we give them a flyer for English class and invite them to that. People here are very nice. Even when they arent interested they still treat us with respect. 

Late Monday night my companion got a call from the APs telling her that the next day she needed to come to Fukuoka for training! Fukuoka is on a completely other island so the next day she had to get on an airplane. I was assigned splits with a Japanese missionary on her 2nd transfer! We were both babies!! But she could speak Japanese at least! It was a really fun day. It was really good for my language too because she couldnt speak English so we had to do a lot of miming and using the dictionary. We taught a lesson and the spirit was very strong.

This week I also finally bought my bike!! (Ive been borrowing one) So I wanted to say a big thank you again to all the family members who helped me pay for it!! I really appreciate your love and support! 

I ate some crazy fish this week. Like the whole thing. The head, the face, the eyes, the skull, the bones, and the tail. They were really little but still nasty. I think they crunchiness of the bones is what got me...haha Welcome to Asia.

I gave my first talk in church this week! Ahh!! It was really scary but I wrote it all out beforehand. Because it was Fathers Day I talked about my dad and how he shared his love of the Japanese people with me and I also talked about our Father in Heaven who loves us and is reaching out to us always.

We had a investigator drop us this week and it was really hard for me. I had high hopes for her and had felt the spirit so strongly in her lessons. But was reminded in a sweet prompting that on my mission there will be some disappointments for some will not accept the truth. But if I work with all my heart, might, mind and strength my effort will be pleasing unto Heavenly Father. 

We need new investigators. Please pray for us to find new investigators. We want to be escalator missionaries versus Elevator missionaries. Instead of bringing someone to baptism and then starting over, we should have a constant stream of finding and bringing them to baptism. The is going to be difficult but I know it will helps us be more effective as missionaries. 

This week we got the Liahona of General Conference! I was reading "These Things I Know" by Pres. Boyd K. Packer and was very touched by his talk. About half way through his talk and he is talking about faith. He said something that made me think of my mom. "I have come to know that faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief. There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother." Mom, you are the most faithful person I know. I know that the Lord is aware of you and loves you. Because of your faith, your prayer are powerful. Never give up! I love you! Read this talk!!

I love this work! It is VERY HOT and I just get soaked with sweat from riding our bikes everywhere! Ive given up on make-up BUT I am SO HAPPY!! If you want to be happy, serve. I know that's a true principle. This church is true. I know it. More than ever before, I know the Book of Mormon is true. I have felt glimpses of Heavenly Fathers love for the people of Okinawa and have been overwhelmed. WE ARE ENGAGED IN THE WORK OF ALMIGHTY GOD!! I love it! Christ lives and guides this church. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to serve as a full time missionary for the church. 

I love you!! Ai shite imasu!!

Capener Shimai 

P.S. I also read Elaine Daltons talk and cried!! It is so touching I love her!

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